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18. prosince 2011 v 7:23

Before you panic, you should know that this isn't a huge deal, and Comcast is aware of the situation and has promised a fix "within a week or two.&quo. by Aaron .
Problems with Xfinity? Get helpful answers for Xfinity support questions.
The app lets you talk to your configured DVRs, check voicemail and email, and even has some address book functionality. To do this the app has to know your XFINITY .
Visit the new XFINITY customer site to get the most out of your subscription. Watch TV online, check email, pay bill and upgrade Comcast subscription.
Try XFINITY WiFi on us! If you are not an XFINITY Internet customer, now
First of all, the "remember me" function has never worked though a fix is supposedly in the works. To remove a xfinity username xfinity username and password and password username and password from your browser's memory will .
XFINITY BlackBerry App Gives You DVR Scheduling, Call Forwarding and More. XFINITY is a service from Comcast that offers On-Demand television, Internet and home phone.
XFINITY subscribers can create or retrieve their Comcast ID, Account Number or retrieve lost passwords by chatting online or using our Username Lookup Tool.
This post is regarding the Xfinity Mobile app: cast.ottclient My system log shows
Comcast is bridging the gap between your cable box and iPad with a new remote app called Xfinity. This remote application lets you not only link and control your .
It has been delayed time and time again, but the Comcast Xfinity app for Android is finally available for subscribers to the cable provider we all love to hate. My .
7919Warning: XFINITY App Exposes Your Comcast Username & Password In System Log

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