can you take nasonex and nyquil

18. prosince 2011 v 7:17

Drug Interactions. The drugs are listed alphabetically in this chart. More complicated questions follow the chart, and they are in order of the most recent at the top.
Associated Questions. I need to know how much Claritin I can give my 16 month old for her allergies? Can you take claritin if you only apply to one sympton?
Not recommended. can you take nasonex and nyquil Nyquil contains an antihistamine. Zyrtec is also an antihistamine. Taking 2 or more antihistamines may result in excess drowsiness or other undesired .
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Best Answer: no. . Why are you worried? 1st, you shouldn't be abusing NyQuil. If you are sick, take it as prescribed. If not, well, don't take can you take nasonex and nyquil it. 2nd, if you are .
The one aromatic herb that has properties which provide great relief as a decongestant and an expectorant is Eucalyptus. According to wikipedia, Eucalyptus is one of .
Is it dangerous to take Nyquil cough and Alavert for allergies at the same time? ChaCha Answer: It may be dangerous for you to take N.
Are you taking anything else? Vitamins, Tylenol? If not you should can you take nasonex and nyquil be okay. The Zyrtec was taken a while ago, and if you need the NyQuil I think you should take it.
I take zyrtec every night before bed for allergies, but right after I got into bed I got a cough. Now I can't sleep. I took the zyrtec maybe 2 hours ago.
My heart is extremely sensitive to anything. I use Nasonex without any problems. It's the
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