adderall makes eyes dilate why

18. prosince 2011 v 7:48

Best Answer: Your pupils dilate when the muscles in your eyeballs stretch. Several things can cause this to happen. They sometimes dilate during times of attraction .
ok, I obviously know that it makes peoples pupils dilate- I want to know WHY. thanks
Medications > Adderall . This is not a complaint! I just want to make sure it's not a bad thing.. Ever since . It might not have anything but check your iron .
Hi there - to whomever stumbles upon this lil query of mine. Any thoughtful responses back would be wonderfully appreciated:) My question is this: Why is it that my .
My 4 year old has strep and is taking amoxicillin and motrin, can this cause her eyes to dilated?
All the information you need about does adderall make your pupils big, including common issues, symptoms and treatments. Medications adderall pupil
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adderall makes eyes dilate why

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I am on Adderall and lately I have started blinking A LOT. I blink really hard too! We asked our pharmacist if this is a side effect, and they said that it is a side .
Hi, my dog has the same effect actually, and he's wondered why as well and was about to post a topic here asking. Everytime my dog takes Adderall, whether it be .
Yes; Adderall contains adderall makes eyes dilate why amphetamine. Amphetamine works by increasing certain neurotransmitters in the brain (dopamine and epinephrine) which cause the pupils to dilate.
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What does it mean if your pupils are dilated? stimulants, like adderall or cocaine or meth, make your pupils dilate. different types of drugs.
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